A brief overview of ashwagandha

I don’t know about you, but my schedule has been hectic lately. I’m writing consistently, working a full-time job, earning my psych degree, maintaining a pleasant home life. On top of that, my cats are running amok, and I have to catch up on Falcon and Winter Soldier. As much as I would like to say I got a good grasp on things, sometimes these things actually have a firm grasp of me and my psyche, and it can be stressful as eff. …

How to make the most of this important milestone.

It was midnight on a Tuesday at the LOL comedy club. The room was full of other comedians and a few stragglers from the movie theater next door. It was dark and silent in the lobby where the club held its open mic nights, not even a clearing of the throat. Faces in the audience were blank. The world was on pause, and all eyes were on stage, on me. People are usually surprised to know that they only give you three minutes to tell your jokes, but my three minutes lasted an eternity. …

What you should remember about how you remember

Miguel was shuffling a deck of cards as I gathered his friends around the kitchen table. I began to speak about specific “tells” to look for when playing poker, such as how the other person is sitting, touching their face, and their feet position. Miguel placed the deck onto the table as a single card was pulled out and separated from the deck. As I turned away, I instructed Miguel to take the card and show the group, then place it over his heart.

I turned and studied his look and made minor remarks.

“You seem red in the face…

Is the end of pandemic projects bad?

With the release of over 200 million vaccines distributed to United States citizens, it seems as though the times of quarantines and lockdowns are approaching an end. Soon people will be back out and about learning how to socialize once again. This pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s lives and their families and friends, and most of us have found new passions to help cope with these horrendous times.

Perhaps you, too, have taken up a new hobby while quarantined or stuck in a lockdown. Maybe you learned how to play guitar, established a garden, or finally started…

Minimalism: The ultimate spring cleaning

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash
Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 started a deadly world tour. We are still doing our best to keep our sanity through the pandemic. We’ve adapted to the changes, or at least we try. Our attempts at normalcy are met with lockdowns, mask mandates, natural disasters, not to mention the outcry against systemic racism. People are dying out there.

To some, spring cleaning is the last thing on the mind, but perhaps we should consider this year’s spring cleaning as a way to regroup, refocus, and clean the clutter that we have control over.

How easily complex it is to be mesmerized

She was already halfway under by the time I mentioned that just talking about hypnosis causes hypnosis. Her eyes were focused directly on mine as her eyelids shut, then opened in one fluid swipe. Her breathing became deep and calm to the rhythm of the ocean waves in her mind. I spoke while keeping pace with her inhales and exhales. It was like creating music for the unconscious mind.

I had offered a simple suggestion that her hand would effortlessly touch her cheek as quickly or as slowly as it took for her mind to go into the most wonderful…

Randy Maskill

San Antonio writer, a psychology undergrad student, and certified hypnotist. He specializes in mental health, psychology, and wellness.

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